The Art of Mardi Gras and Communal Celebration

Two weeks post-Mardi Gras, Marta reports from New Orleans, during a time of physical distancing and social solidarity. The celebrations discussed take many forms as we reflect on embodying costumes, the art of the throw, defying traditions, and creating community. Photo by Nicola Piccola

Guests: Autumn Kassel, Lucia Honey, Ashley & Cherie Teamer, and Nicola Piccola

    Autumn Kassel, world-builder and spinner of atmosphere both sonic and otherwise, keeps the company of her cats, treasures, bromeliads, and one sweet gayngal in a sunny, green abode just a seven-minute stroll from the Singing Oak in New Orleans.    Lucia Honey is a New Orleans based writer, artist, and multi-genre musician (Oblivia).    Ashley Teamer is from New Orleans and is an artist, designer, and mentor to young creatives.    Cherie Teamer is a native New Orleanian attorney and lover of historical fiction.    Nicola Piccola aka Nico has been photographing & playing music in New Orleans since 2007 and more recently spends their time hanging out with soil microorganisms.

Image from Nicola Piccola at Eris