Reports from New Orleans | Dapper Bruce Lafitte, Life and Lessons

In this episode of Reports from New Orleans, Marta Rodriguez Maleck sits down with the prolific artist Dapper Bruce Laffite – one of New Orleans’ most important living artists making work today. Bruce's art follows his life in all things New Orleans, from its joyful bands, and parades, to its struggles of poverty and racism. He’s best known for his drawings of the Marching Bands, but he also creates powerful and memorable work about the violence in New Orleans, the culture, Mardi Gras Indians, racism, the prison industrial complex, the monuments, white supremacy, and the projects. In this conversation, Bruce candidly speaks about his journey navigating the art world and gaining success in his career.

Guest: Dapper Bruce Lafitte

Artist Dapper Bruce Lafitte lives and works in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. His deliciously detailed drawings are created in the back of his shotgun house not far from the Mississippi River.   
 Image from Bruce’s Home Studio