Marta Rodriguez Maleck

But I Didn’t Mean it Like That

'But I Didn’t Mean it Like That' is an ongoing series of installations that integrates on-screen interviews, abstract sculptures, and colorful stages. The first iteration, created in collaboration with Ashley Teamer, premiered as a Satellite of Prospect.4, in New Orleans, LA in 2018 at the Front Gallery.
The interviews explore different stories that are all based on the phrase, “but I didn’t mean it like that..” This assertion highlights the disconnect between intention and perception, which often leads to misunderstanding. By presenting differing perspectives, we seek to break down barriers to communication. In each interview, we provide visual explanations of what each abstract sculpture symbolizes as a means of making abstract art more accessible, and to promote active looking and listening. By getting viewers to question their initial interpretations of the sculptures, we attempt to promote the questioning of all assumptions, including those initial ideas they had about the individuals on-screen.