Artists Respond to Community Needs During COVID Crisis

Post Mardi-Gras New Orleans saw more deaths by March 26th than any other locality in the country. In this segment, we check in with local artists on how they pivoted their artistic practice in order to respond to their respective community needs. Image by artist Fernando Lopez

Guests: free feral, Marion Hill, Fernando Lopez, Zibby Jahns, Meg Turner 

free feral is a singer songwriter based in New Orleans.     Marion Hill is a New Orleans filmmaker devoted to narratives and visuals of queer femme power.     Fernando Lopez is a community organizer and documentarian based in New Orleans that focuses in documenting Black and Brown life in Stolen Land aka the USA.     Zibby Jahns is a multimedia artist committed to critically engaging their community through art production. Their performance, inhabited sculpture and social practice critically engage community via participatory, relational work.     Meg Turner is an installation artist and photographer living in New Orleans and teaching adjunct at Parsons school of Design. She is also co-owner of Acid Metal Magic Tintypes Studio.    
  Image from Fernando Lopez at Familias Unidas