Marta Rodriguez Maleck

Artist | Organizer | Filmmaker

Based in New Orleans LA


But I Didn’t Mean it Like That

'But I Didn’t Mean it Like That' is an ongoing series of installations that integrates on-screen interviews, abstract sculptures, and colorful stages. The first iteration, created in collaboration with Ashley Teamer, premiered as a Satellite of Prospect.4, in New Orleans, LA in 2018 at the Front Gallery.
The interviews explore different stories that are all based on the phrase, “but I didn’t mean it like that..” This assertion highlights the disconnect between intention and perception, which often leads to misunderstanding. By presenting differing perspectives, we seek to break down barriers to communication. In each interview, we provide visual explanations of what each abstract sculpture symbolizes as a means of making abstract art more accessible, and to promote active looking and listening. By getting viewers to question their initial interpretations of the sculptures, we attempt to promote the questioning of all assumptions, including those initial ideas they had about the individuals on-screen.


 The Biography of Her

‘The Biography of Her’ is an ongoing series of short-films that explores womanhood, sexuality, camaraderie, self-care, self-sustainability, family, romance, and power. The first scene, ‘Citizens of the Cosmos’ was created during the Residency at the Ace Hotel in New Orleans in collaboration with Printed Matter Inc.


 Omnipresent Monitor

'Omnipresent Monitor' is an ongoing episodic documentary series currently in development. Each episode explores the physical and psychological impact and racist implications of mass surveillance by examining the newly implemented crime camera monitoring systems in New Orleans, LA. Omnipresent Monitor is a collaboration with Zac Manuel and Chris Haney.

Take an Apology / Leave an Apology

‘Take an Apology / Leave an Apology’ is an interactive installation in which viewers are prompted to write and exchange a personal letter of atonement for one already in the installation as an analogy for what we give versus what we receive in our own relationship efforts. Upon opening their envelopes and reading the letters, we asked viewers to reflect on imbalance in their own relationships in terms of communication, emotional labor, and efforts for resolution. We sourced the original 2,500 letters from anonymous Craigslist responses nation-wide, our networks of friends and family, New Orleans elementary and middle schools, as well as public statements from politicians and celebrities. This installation was originally created by Kevin Brisco and I as a collaborative component for Outside/In by Carlos Rolón at the New Orleans Museum of Art in 2018.